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"Trianex-Agro" LLC offer collaboration to companies that are interested in stable supplies of cereals highest quality from Ukraine on terms of delivery: FCA, FAS, CFR, CIF, DAP.

We supply our goods to Europe by own transport, packaged in bags or big-bags, grain bulk truck or sea containers.

We carry out all customs clearance operations in the European Union.

Cooperation with us will ensure that you receive high quality products in the shortest possible time.

We pay great attention to every client and always try to build long-term partnerships on trust and mutual confidence.

Our company has an experienced professionals team who are well done their job to achieve their goals. The proof of this are our partners all over the Europe who have already become our friends.

To connect with us, you need to go to the menu «Contacts», call us or write an e-mail, and we will make you an advantageous offer.


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